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Does San Pasqual Need New Lockers?

These are the current lockers  student use at San Pasqual.

These are the current lockers student use at San Pasqual.

These are the current lockers student use at San Pasqual.

Jocelyn Ibarra and Elizabeth Haro

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Lockers are a fundamental part of school at San Pasqual High School. The vivid blue lockers line the walls throughout the campus and assist students throughout their daily school routine.

Since then some have experienced harm such as; water damage, broken locks and unhinged doors. The lockers are not up to par and are in need of major changes.

Junior at San Pasqual, Fabiola Ledesma, was assigned a broken locker at the beginning of her freshman year, the door wouldn’t stay locked and her items would be left unsecured. Eventually she began to carry her things everywhere she went.

“I didn’t have a place to put my books so I usually asked my friends if I could leave it in theirs, which was only a couple of times because I started to get embarrassed to ask,” Ledesma said. “It wasn’t easy.” 

Ledesma also said that the lack of a locker ultimately affected her education because she would occasionally forget her textbooks at home and coming school unprepared the next day. It wasn’t until the middle of the year that she finally told the administration about her issue. They were able to repair the locker’s door which allowed Ledesma to store her items in a functioning locker.

“Looking back now, I regret not telling them sooner because it would’ve made my school life easier,” Ledesma said.

Security guards, Henry Madrid and Antonio Santos, both agree that there has been difficulty with the lockers but there was nothing that they couldn’t fix.

“As soon as we find out about damage, we fix it right away because students shouldn’t have to carry their stuff around,” Santos said.

The students who have the most difficulty with lockers are mainly freshman because they are not accustomed to having lockers in their previous schools.

“At the beginning of the year we had a lot of students asking for help to open their lockers but they have learned to get the hang of it so the ask for help has lessened since then,” Madrid said.

Santos believes that the main cause for students keeping the damaged lockers they get assigned is because they feel intimidated, they won’t work up the courage to ask anyone to help them. Both security guards advice that if anyone is having difficulty with their locker that they tell an adult on campus and they’d be glad to help.

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Does San Pasqual Need New Lockers?