First Semester of Full In Person Learning


Gabriel Peinado, Staff Writer

How did the first semester go after a year of online learning?

After a year of online learning, schools across the country opened back up to resume in person learning. San Pasqual had a surprisingly successful first semester back after Covid-19 was becoming greatly infectious. This marks the first semester of in person instruction completed after a year of online learning.    

Many students struggled to keep up with the online work, but once schools reopened back to in person many students kept in pace with the in person learning. Isaac Escamilla, a student from San Pasqual High School, describes why this year’s first semester was so much different from last year.

“I was able to focus more in class because when I was at home doing online learning,” said Escamilla.”I had a lot of distractions but in in person learning there weren’t any distractions.“

Escamilla said that his grades had improved tremendously since the previous year of online learning. 

Other students agree that online learning was difficult and unproductive. “We all really didn’t learn anything,” stated Gabriel Lang in response to his experience with online learning. Lang said he would “never go back to online learning.”

Students say they would not return to online learning if given the opportunity.

“Online learning is like trying to be taught but the learning really wasn’t there,” stated Rowan Barbera, another SP student.

Most students can agree that they would not go back to online learning and thought they had a  more successful time learning while in person this semester.