Second Semester Reflect

As the first semester comes to a close, a few seniors were asked about their year so far, how they feel, and what their future plans are.

Madison Bringas, Staff Writer

The first semester of the 2021-2022 school year is officially coming to an end. This was the first normal year back on campus for the senior class of 2022. This class left school in March 2020 of their sophomore year and continued online learning during their junior year due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. 

The class overall is excited and fortunate to experience their senior year on campus,  physically at school. Senior Emily Ortiz was asked what the best part of senior year was so far. “How close our class has been getting! How much we hang out is completely different from freshman year to senior year,” Ortiz answered.  

Ortiz’s favorite part about being a senior is all the fun activities they get to enjoy such as grad night, senior movie night, and senior bonfires! Having experienced being in quarantine for so long, the senior class has come closer together and no longer takes their limited time in high school with each other for granted.

Senior Victoria Escobar was asked for one word of advice to all underclassmen. “Make the most of your time! Because these four years fly by so fast,” replied Escobar. 

Escobar has enjoyed Avid the most out of all her classes this semester. In fact, when asked which class was her favorite over the course of all four years at San Pasqual, she still chose AVID! 

“I’ve been in AVID with the same group of people for four years so that really helped me gain strong bonds with people here at San Pasqual,” stated Escobar.

Escobar herself has created bonds so strong that she wishes she could stay in high school longer just to be with her classmates. Most of her best memories have been at this school or have involved her friends that attend SP.

In the second semester, Escobar is most looking forward to making each moment count academically and socially. She’s looking forward to enjoying the end of this year with her friends. She is feeling accomplished from the first half of the year and is eager to head into the last few months. Escobar is excited to receive her diploma.After high school, she plans to attend Sacramento State and major in physcology. She has goals to one day be a lawyer in family law. 

“I graduated high school!” Ortiz states she is excited to say as she heads towards the end of second semester.  Looking back, she is proud of all she has overcome and accomplished. She will be attending Palomar College for her first two years and plans to transfer to Cal State San Marcos afterwards. However, she is not too sure of what she would like to major in.

So don’t get used to seeing Escobar and Ortiz around campus because we are officially halfway through the school year, and one day closer to graduation