Campus Online

Karla Santos, Staff Writer

Do you know of any students that have been at the risk of not being able to graduate? Here at San Pasqual, there is an opportunity to be able to catch up – it is called campus online. 

“Campus online is a period on campus or a section on the campus where you can take classes on Edgenuity, also known as e2020 at our school so that students can take classes at an accelerated pace” explains Justin Graeber, a campus online teacher at San Pasqual High School. 

But getting work done faster is not necessarily easier. There is work that has to be done to be able to be successful on-campus online. Being self-motivated and having a good work ethic is a big part of being able to get all of the credits required, and maybe even get ahead! Campus online is more than just doing what one thinks is easy work. 

Graeber describes what students grapple with within the class the most. “It’s mostly time management that kids struggle in. Like I say in our class, if you spend all your time in our class working on your Edgenuity class, then you shouldn’t have to work on it outside of class,” states Graeber. “You should be able to get a lot done in the time that we meet.” 

If one does not keep an organizational calendar of when they’re going to do their work, it may not be so easy. But if you are good at doing your work when needed, and on time management, you will be very successful. Being on task, and constantly on top of your class, is the main focus that it takes. It’s very important to know when you are going to do work and for how long, so you are able to complete work for the rest of your regular classes as well. 

Overall, this is an opportunity that’s open for all students. Not only to catch up on credits but also for students to get ahead if that’s something they want. How much each student can get done all depends on how they work. Graeber mentions an example of a student who was successful doing Edgenuity. “He was a Junior when I got him. By the time that we got to summer this year, he had finished all of his second-semester junior classes and almost all of his first and second-semester senior classes,” explains Graeber. “So he could almost graduate a full year early.” 

A student is able to graduate even a full year early if they are dedicated to working hard. This is a huge benefit of taking campus online. There is more to it than just make-up work for those who failed previous classes. 

“So I think that this is an option that just allows for students to have more flexibility in their learning. Not everyone learns the same way. Not everyone has the same amount of time to spend in a classroom,” Graeber concludes. 

Campus online gives students another advantage over their learning, even if it is something as small as going at their own pace or re-watching a tutorial video until they understand it as best as they can. 

Campus online, here at San Pasqual High School, is a great opportunity for all students, whether you were put there to make up credits, or if you chose to be there, to get ahead.