How Has Online Learning Affected In-Person Learning?


Photo from Piqsels

Karen Magana, Staff Writer

Being away from school for online learning has affected students at San Pasqual in a positive and negative way.


This year students at San Pasqual returned to campus because COVID 19 cases had dropped. But, students were away for so long that some face many challenges coming back on campus.


I will say I have really noticed students are struggling with behavior in class,” comments Joelle Schwartz, an English teacher at San Pasqual High School. “More than I have seen with my freshman classes in other years. It seems like a lot of students are socially a year or two behind where they normally would be.”


“I think online learning is what we had to do for the time period we had,” adds Schwartz.


Although it was the best decision for the time being because of the pandemic it is true that many students did not learn much during online learning and because students have not been in a classroom for more than a year they do not know how to behave in class. Focusing is harder for most students. They are used to being at home.


During the pandemic and online learning many students have fallen behind, so being back in school means catching up to what they have missed.


This is not only happening at San Pasqual High School but also at other schools. “Nearly all — more than 97% — of educators reported seeing some learning loss in their students over the past year when compared with children in previous years, and a majority, or 57%, estimated their students are behind by more than three months in their social-emotional progress, Horace Mann found,” states an article by CNBC.


“Being in person is better because teachers can help you when you do not understand something,” says Jaretzy Martinez, a freshman student at San Pasqual High School. 


“It feels good to be back in school because I can finally socialize and be with people,” states Jaretzy.


Being back in school has been a great thing for many students at San Pasqual. They learn better and can now get help from teachers at school whenever they do not understand something. 


“Online learning has taught me to better appreciate being back on school campus,” concludes Jaretzy.