The Role of Communication

Picture of Paula Zamudio at San Pasqual High School.
Picture taken by: Hayley Lozada

Picture of Paula Zamudio at San Pasqual High School. Picture taken by: Hayley Lozada

Hayley Lozada, Staff Writer

School is finally back in session after a year and a half break of distance learning. It has been a challenging couple of months between trying to get back into comfortable schedules and forming routines. The roles staff and teachers have in our schools is very important because without them school would probably still be virtual. Therefore it is very important that schools have good communication so there are not any issues or problems. 

Paula Zamudio is a part of the Escondido Union High School District and she has a huge role in communication. Zamudio is a communication relations officer and handles all things communication and community related such as working with non profit organizations that work with the school district. 

“There is never a dull moment and I get to connect with so many people, learn about amazing projects and efforts happening on our school campuses and share that news with our community,” says Zamudio.

Zamudio gets to work with parents, staff, and students as well. She mentions that emergencies are her least favorite part of her job because they are unexpected.

They are inevitable and you never know when they’ll happen. Whenever something urgent comes up, that takes priority and it can throw off your day and other responsibilities,” says Zamudio.

Over the past two years, Covid has been an emergency and a lot of people struggled and needed assistance. People were not able to work and students could not go to school. It was almost as if the world stopped for a second. The role of communication was huge during that time. Technology has helped a lot and it allowed people to reach out for help if they needed it. It is also important to let others know what is happening in our community and around the world. Zamudio mentioned that people have gotten more comfortable connecting virtually than ever before. In a way, Covid has had some pros and communication has been crucial. 

“COVID-19 has taken center stage and required a lot of COVID-19 communications – to parents, to staff, to students – since things have been continually changing… I encourage all students, parents, and our Escondido community to follow us on social media to find out what’s happening in our district!” says Zamudio.

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