Gavin Newsom Wins Recall Election, Retains California Governorship

Aiden Hess, Managing Editor

On September 14th, 2021 a recall election was held in the state of California for the first time since 2003. The recall election of 2003 in California marked the only time in the state’s illustrious history that the sitting governor had been recalled from office when Democrat Gray Davis was recalled in favor of new Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The recall election of 2021 in California did not hold the same result as Democrat and current governor Gavin Newsom prevailed through efforts pushed by Republicans state wide demanding for his recall.

Newsom won the election with 62.2% of the estimated 15.2 million votes counted. While those who voted for removal gained  about 4.7 million votes equating to 37.8%. The recall effort of Newsom arguably led to the closest election in California’s recent history. Although it may not seem as close mainly due in part to that California votes nearly the furthest to the left out of the 50 states.

For a handful of students at San Pasqual High School, this was their first chance to vote in an official election at any level for the first time. Jason Phillips is a high school senior and newly registered voter.

“I turned 18 a few weeks ago before the election and was already pre-registered to vote. I consider myself more left-leaning, but I voted to recall Newsom because I didn’t approve of his leadership during the Covid-19 Pandemic… mainly his lockdowns and hypocrisy” said Phillips.

It is always interesting listening to a wide array of student voices here on campus especially as more and more become involved in the public community. With Newsom retaining his seat, it guarantees that he will remain governor at least until his 2022 re-election when challengers will have their next shot of trying to win the seat.