How Has Online School Affected Grades?

Honor Roll recipients talk about the difficulty, or ease, of Online School

Angel Cushman, Staff Writer

Honor roll is not an easy certification to earn. It requires over a 3.0 GPA, which means you must maintain a B average all semester to qualify. 

But because of Online Schooling, the difficulty of passing classes can be enhanced, or diminished. Below is an answer from a student about their experience with how hard it was to make the honor roll. 

“I had all A’s in physical school. I think I deserve honor roll because I have been keeping up with my work and focusing on learning the material,” says Hanna Knight, 12th Grade. “Online school is easier because I have more time to complete the work.”

The majority of students surveyed agreed with this statement. However, there were some that had different opinions.

“My grades were better in school than online. I guess I deserve honor roll because I did get the GPA to make the list, online or not. Online school is easier in some aspects, but it can be more challenging compared to being in person” Aiden Hess, 11th grade, responded. 

In general, online schooling has been challenging for everyone, but some more than most. Some students (such as myself) have thrived from being in an online based curriculum rather than in person. On the other hand, some students who were formally academic are struggling with the new system; this is understandable seeing how so many families are still struggling. Students may have priorities other than school. 

“Research has shown that remote learning can be as good or better than in-person learning for the students who choose it. But thousands of students will soon be entering their third semester of remote instruction despite having self-selected for an in-person college experience. With remote learning moving into the long term, experts say the mental, emotional and academic impacts of that shift are likely to be challenging,” states Inside Higher Ed.

As everyone knows at this point, these are challenging times in every aspect. Physically, mentally, academically, emotionally. So, these are the times to give more credit to those who pulled through and maintained their 3.0 GPA. And to the students who didn’t, it’s the time to find out why, and what can be done to further assist them.