While Some May Prefer Alienating Themselves, Social Interaction is One of the Most Important Aspects in Life. Here’s why…

Angel Cushman, Staff Writer

At some point in everyone’s life, they’ve depended on other people to take care of them. This usually applies to the beginning and end of someone’s life, and when they’re sick if they’re lucky enough to have people around them who care enough to tend to their needs. I heavily rely on people, not just in my personal life but in my schooling and at my job. 

Cushman and Co-Workers

Like I said, I rely on people at my job. Above is a photo of my-coworkers and I being serious. 

The way I rely on people at my job correlates with the fact that running our McDonald’s location isn’t a one man job by any means. We all rely on each other and teamwork to get the job done quickly and efficiently. One of us may be taking orders through the drive through while someone in the kitchen prepares it, another person will be at the fry station while a manager or someone who’s experienced enough bags the food and gives it to the person ‘in the hole’ (giving out food at 2nd drive through window) who is, at the same time, putting lids on and making drinks. It all sounds like a lot, and it can be when we are understaffed, especially during a rush, but so long as there’s teamwork involved, even if there’s only 3 people, including the cook, working that night the job can be accomplished.

Cushman's Nephew

This is my baby nephew Grant. He is 5 months old, and for me he represents family. Before he came along I was quite the rebellious teenager.. My sister told me while she was pregnant that if I didn’t clean up my act, I wouldn’t be allowed to see him. So I improved myself a bit. I stopped lying and sneaking around for a while, but that is still something I’m working on to this day. I continue to try to improve who I am as a person, not just for my sister, not just for my family, and not just for Grant. I’m trying to improve who I am as a person for myself, because in the end, my choices and actions affect me the most of all.

Cushman's Family

Now onto why having people, and what kind of people they are, is important. If I hadn’t had the right people around me, I probably wouldn’t even be in class and graduating high school right now. My friends and family have always kept my best interest in mind, and they have always pushed me past my limit to give my all in everything that I do. These are the people who motivate us every single day. The people who will always love you no matter what you do. The people who will always care about you. These types of people are called family.