School Pods

Ever wonder if a school learning pod is a good choice for you? Read more to find out.


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San Pasqual High School opens up learning pods on campus to ensure that students complete their coursework while being able to socialize from a distance.

Ella Nosti, Staff Writer

Since life is slowly getting back to normal, schools have started to allow students to return to the classroom for additional support with their education. 


“Pods can be successful for some students, yes,” reports Genevieve Lyon, a sophomore at San Pasqual High School who attends a pod on campus once a week.


She says pods can help “students focus better, especially if they have a hard home life.” For Lyon, the pods are similar to what she already does at home, it’s just a nice change of scenery. 


“Although there wasn’t much socializing due to the lack of students per classroom, I feel like I was more focused and got a lot more work done than I would’ve if I were at home,” Lyon adds. 


In-person learning is beneficial for students. Parents want their kids “to have social interaction and in-person instruction.” Many people feel that “for working parents, a pod may ensure kids can get online and complete their coursework in a timely manner.” Teachers are physically present and able to help students with any struggles. 


For students struggling to keep up online, an in-person learning pod would most definitely help students get caught up and gain a better understanding of what they’re learning.