Ways Teens Can Invest

Learn about the ways you can invest not only to help your future, but your education as well.


Cotton Bro (Pexels.com)

Learning to invest can help you save your future.

Ella Nosti, Staff Writer

Having tips for ways you can save for your future is helpful, especially with all the stressful things that come with being a teenager. 


According to the article, “How Can a Teenager Begin to Invest?”, written by Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, she lists ways teens can begin to invest. Opening a custodial account is best until you reach the age of maturity, says Schwab-Pomerantz. She is cautious because if large amounts of money are involved, it can lead to tax issues. That’s why she suggests starting off small. “And you can open a custodial account for as little as $100,” says Schwab-Pomerantz.

Schwab then goes on to list the “basics of investing.” She starts by explaining the importance of both long-term and short-term goal-setting. “Money for a short-term goal, like a car or a trip—or any money (you’ll) need in three to five years—shouldn’t be invested in the stock market…(you) can take on more risk for longer-term goals because he’ll have more time to ride out market declines,” says Schwab-Pomerantz.


Schwab also points out that there can be just as much risk involved as there is reward. She tells readers to think about how much risk they’re comfortable with. 


Cheryl Fullerton, a mom of a student who attends San Pasqual high school, gives a lot of helpful advice on ways to start and keep up investing. Similar to what Schwab in “How can a teenager begin to invest,” Fullerton emphasizes how important goal-setting is when it comes to starting to invest. Acknowledging something you want to work toward is an important part of investing. She claims that over the years, she’s learned that “with just the benefit of time… it’s much easier.” If you start investing at a younger age, it’s going to be easier for you in the future since you will have had a head start. 


After asking what the most useful and effective tip is when it comes to investing, Fullerton had two answers. The first tip was, “you can have a, what is called a 529 account. Those are accounts that can be established for minors that can be used for college.” People can help contribute, and over time, help pay for college. The second tip is, “you can have an account like on a platform app like Robinhood or Acorn. These are called investment sites…anybody can have an account in there.” 


Setting a goal and taking advantage of investing at a young age is very helpful because overtime, your money will grow and will benefit you in the long run. With these tips on how to start an account and how to begin investing, you can make a big difference in your future.