Dancers wither without an Audience

School dance teams struggle to keep the memento amidst the Pandemic.


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San Pasqual dance Team has found the pandemic difficult, as they aren’t able to perform their dances on stage with a live audience instead they are having to create virtual concerts/performances.

Erika Donoe, Staff Writer

 School dance teams are struggling to keep the memento in the midst of the pandemic. 

Dance teams are suffering according to the Washington Post. Covid 19 is really stressing out dancers who are “worried about what they’re losing without live instruction,” says the Post.

It has been difficult for students to record themselves doing a dance routine because they don’t have space at home,” said Kristi Steinhilber, the dance teacher at San Pasqual High School. “The Biggest hurdle with Covid-19 and learning dances online is that when you’re watching me on the screen you might miss a detail, indicating that it is difficult to tell if the dancers are getting it.”

Students feel as though they are losing out on something; that they are simply not getting everything the way they used to. It is very different than dancing with other dancers alongside them.

 It’s difficult to keep that same energy of a dance family over Zoom,” said The San Diego Union-Tribune

Learning in an online environment just does not maintain the same energetic feeling as before. All of the restrictions are killing the dancers’ spirit. Dancers need to be able to perform in front of an audience.

“Just to think about me not being able to be onstage and perform with a live audience, it breaks my heart because that’s been my dream,” said Ariana Carson in an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

Steinhilber advises us to stay tuned. “Dancers have prepared dances during quarantine in which students recorded themselves and we are creating a video that will include all of the dancers. I am planning to organize a mini concert out on the football field, fingers crossed,” said Steinhilber.