How Covid-19 has Impacted ASB’s Relationship with Students

Many students will not even see ASB’s SPUTube because teaching takes priority over the news outlet.


Asa Nichols

Covid-19 has made it difficult for ASB to get school news out to students and to create fun activities while following CDC protocols.

Asa Nichols, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has altered school for kids in a very drastic way.  It’s changed the way we do everything. Something that is commonly overlooked in online school and needs attention is the lack of student to school communication. The best way to take a deeper look at this school/student relationship is an in-depth interview with some of ASB’s (@sp_asb on Instagram) representatives who can give us some insight into how the school stays connected with its attendees. ASB handles delivering news to students and creating fun activities to keep students involved and interested in school. The main reasons students are being less informed can be traced back to the weekly SPUTube episodes hosted by teachers. Many students do not see the episodes because teachers do not like to show them seeing as they only have so much time to teach.


ASB’s members have made many changes to the way they conduct meetings.


“It makes it harder to convey ideas and it would be easier in person but it’s not impossible and we have gotten used to it,” states ASB member Nava Rowhani. 


They still make a YouTube video each week and air the video in the first period class each Friday. The video, however, is not as easy to make with quarantine because “partnering up and making videos together is hard to organize…interviews can’t happen and we don’t have sports to talk about,’ said Rowhani. 


“A few staff members like to help out but a lot of teachers aren’t helpful because they don’t support ASB by showing YouTube and don’t respond to emails,” said Trinity Rivera, another ASB member.


San Pasqual’s 2020 school year has been a difficult school year for everyone. Many changes have been made, some of which were extremely hard to adapt too. ASB has done its best at keeping students involved in school but to get an inside look at what an ASB staff member thinks about the importance of the group I asked Rowhani “Is ASB still needed while school is online and in most cases completely from home?” She said something that I think shows the true importance of ASB. 


“Yes because online school is already as difficult as it is, and ASB is helpful for people to feel like they are back in school.” 


Important news about San Pasqual high school is not being spoken about as much as it should be, and this will reign true for the full duration of distance learning. However, with support from ASB making us feel like we are still a united student body and the entire San Pasqual community trying its hardest, we can still make distance learning a valuable experience and a time to learn.