Creativity is Important in Schools

Creativity is an extremely important component when it comes to student education.

Emma Welsch and Aryel Armstrong

Creativity is an extremely important component when it comes to student education.

Creativity allows students to innovate, express their ideas, show their talents, grow as people, expand their minds, and contribute to society. Without creativity, a substantial part of growing up is taken from students, and they won’t have the ability to express themselves in the ways that only being creative can allow. Tracey Greer, a teacher at San Pasqual, believes that it is extremely important for students to express themselves through creativity, in whatever form it may take. 

 “I think it’s super important in schools because it lets kids show their individual talents,” said Greer.

It is true that analytic thinking is an important skill, and therefore the idea that school shouldn’t focus too much of their funds, and education in general, on creativity is an opinion shared among some. While analytic thinking is essential to a child’s education and contributions as an adult, it in no way cancels out the importance of creativity. Synthia Trin, a student at San Pasqual High School, says that the creative programs she takes part in provide her with motivation in the areas of school that she doesn’t enjoy as much.

“It makes me more motivated and, without an elective, I feel like more of these biology (and) English (classes) are kind of boring,” said Trin. “(Art) keeps me motivated because at least I have something fun to do.”

Careers that require creative thinking are everywhere. To not have creativity in school would mean fewer creative thinkers, which would subsequently hinder students from excelling in a variety of careers. Lack of creativity in education would take away from so many opportunities students would otherwise have, like the opportunity to become an architect, set designer, photographer, tattoo artists, and many other careers. Samantha Mossing, in The Importance of Creative Thinking and the Arts in Education, explains how creative thinking affects someone as they’re becoming an individual.

“Since it is a subjective form of thinking, it is important to couple critical thinking with creative thinking to prepare students for life as they go on to become independent individuals who contribute to society (Tarhan, Bacalni, Dombayci, & Demir, 2011),” said Mossing.