Feeding San Diego Food Distribution

On Thursday, Oct. 3 2019 free food was distributed to students and students’ families at San Pasqual High School. 

Emma Welsch, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019, free food was distributed to students and students’ families at San Pasqual High School. 

San Pasqual High School is now partnered with Feeding San Diego to help students and student families with their groceries. The goal of the program is to help address the issue of hunger. Geraldine O’Sullivan, a social worker at San Pasqual Highschool, along with other dedicated staff members, set out to help by partnering with Feeding San Diego. Feeding San Diego is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with San Pasqual, along with other schools across San Diego county.

At the most recent event, 150 student households showed up to receive a full bag of groceries. Although originally the event only planned on accommodating 100 households, they managed to still provide food for everyone who showed up. One of the recipients was Tracey Greer, a teacher at San Pasqual High School, who received food from the program for another student. She was satisfied and glad that so many people knew the event was going on. Because of this turnout, recipients can expect more food at the next event.

“They gave out spaghetti squash, apples, Triscuits, Nilla Wafers, cucumbers, and some juices,” Greer said.

This event will be ongoing. The event will be hosted every second Thursday, the first and third Thursday of the month. Those who come to the event will receive 20-25 pounds of groceries. San Pasqual is also looking for volunteers, volunteers who receive a full bag of groceries as well.

“Hunger is an ongoing issue and so we want to be able to support students and families all year long,” said O’Sullivan.

For more information go to https://feedingsandiego.org/new-school-partners-same-goal-ending-hunger/