Activities to do Over Spring Break: April 13th-21st


Aysha Bowman

Solana beach is a great place to take some scenic pictures during Spring break.

  • Beaches
    • Carlsbad
    • Moonlight
    • Oceanside

      Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside boasts a long stretch of smooth sand, perfect for young people looking to sunbathe.
      Cassiopeia Guthrie
      Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside is a great place to catch some surf or sun.
    • Del Mar (dog beach)
    • Solana 
    • La Jolla
    • Torrey Pines
  • Hiking Trails/ Look Out Views
    • Lake Hodges
    • Elfin Forest
    • Potato Chip Rock
    • Daily Ranch
    • Dixon Lake
    • Hidden Meadows Neighborhood
    • Double Peak Park
  • Thrillers
    • Ice-Plex
    • Boomers
    • Trampoline Park
    • Dave n Busters
  • Visiting Nice Sceneries
    • Carlsbad Flower Field
    • Balboa Park
    • Museum of What: Love Tour
    • Coronado
  • Outdoor Activities
    • Water balloon fight
    • Camping
    • Biking on the beach
    • Picnic at the park
  • Indoor Hangouts
    • Binge watch your favorite TV/Movie series
    • Try out some new cooking recipes
    • Team spring cleaning
    • Sleepover, face masks, pillow fight
    • Art/DIY day
    • Play your favorite video games