Athletic Trainers Department Makes Positive Impact on San Pasqual Students

Keyana Leso, Staff Writer

“For my career , I want to be in kinesiology and become a physical therapist; this really helps me to connect with what I want to do,” said Guevara.

Being a part of the department allows for students to have hands-on medical experience. They help the injured athletes at their games and practices, commonly wrapping sprained ankles and pulled muscles. As a part of doing this, the trainers are also constantly interacting with many other students. This gives the student trainers the opportunity to enhance their people skills and build new relationships.

“It’s honestly amazing because you get to meet new people. I’m so grateful for it and being able to connect with students, teachers, and staff,” said Guevara.

The athletic trainers invest a large majority of their time into the department. Many of them are often there everyday after school, ready to aid whenever needed. This helps the student athletic trainers to build community service hours, for classes or even colleges.

“It [the athletic trainers department] benefits me because I’m in AVID and Agriculture  and we need community service hours,” said Guevara.

Through the participation of working as an athletic trainer, students are given valuable life experiences, and they will always be able to carry with them. The Athletic Trainers Department can be beneficial to all the students at San Pasqual, and has left an advantageous impact.