Dancing With the Teachers

Kiara Bowman, Staff Writer

Dancing with the Teachers is a San Pasqual High School tradition that has been going on for quite some time.

 The reason that Dancing with the Teachers has been an annual tradition at San Pasqual is because it is a fundraiser that helps raise money for cancer research.  The event began on February 7th at 5:00, which was a Thursday. It involved funny and amusing things like getting to see your teachers trying to dance next to the varsity dance team.

Senior Olivia Hansen, who has been doing dance for two years and is on the varsity dance team, says that: “it takes a lot of confidence [to perform] and being able to put yourself out there, just so people will come watch and support.”

 Performing in front of a large crowd of people can be very nerve-wracking and that’s why being on dance is hard work. You also have to be confident as well as practice for multiple hours every week.

It’s not just the dancers that have to work hard, but also the teachers that are working hard. Both students and teachers have to take time out of their day in order to go to the practices.

“The dancers have known about it [the practice] for probably six weeks just to choreograph it.” Olivia Hansen stated.

 The teachers and dancers practice for about three weeks in order to make sure that their routine is on point and that everyone knows exactly what they have to do. Ultimately, that’s why their routines go so well. The entirety of the performance lasts about one to two hours long while each of the routines only lasts around two to three minutes.

 There is a lot of time and effort put into these performances. They’re definitely worth the wait, plus the money goes towards a good cause.