Words of Wisdom for People in the LGBTQ+ Community

LGBTQ+ Community is Strong and Welcoming


Kendall Nouzovsky

Girlfriends, Tabitha Avery and Kendall Nouzovsky, have been together for over a year now and enjoy casual hiking moments together.

People say all the time that things will get better as time goes on, but sometimes that can be hard to believe when that person isn’t aware of what you’re going through. Having someone that actually knows what it’s like to be homosexual can mean a lot. With that in mind, the LGBTQ+ social club is a great first step.

If joining the LGBTQ+ club as a thought seems uncomfortable, it’s not the end of the world. Many people that are homosexual and are now grown up are doing great without joining any clubs. That said, the LGBTQ+ club is something to keep in mind.

“If I would’ve done anything differently in the past, things wouldn’t be how they are right now,” Tabitha Avery said.

She was never part of any club, group, or anything of that sort, yet she doesn’t regret anything that she has done. She is extremely happy where she is at with her girlfriend Kendall Nouzovsky.  

“I wish that I had more confidence to come out earlier,” said Kendall Nouzovsky.

Many people are afraid of coming out, but once they gain enough confidence to finally do it, it is such a relief. Many say that it causes a weight to be lifted from their shoulders.

“Just do it,”  Kendall Nouzovsky and Tabitha Avery said at the same time.