What it Means to be Pro-Life

A story from the other perspective


Taylor Ellison, Opinion Editor

Abortion is a topic that has been up for much debate in current political groups. Being pro-life or pro-choice each has its own stigma and affects individuals differently.

Pro-life is the movement in which a group of people are against the unjust taking of a human life, usually in terms of abortion. They believe that abortion is taking the life of a voiceless, innocent being that otherwise would be brought into the world and create their own life experiences.

“It’s important to me because it’s what I believe in and I feel like if I can help people to become informed on what it means to be pro-life and the benefits it could potentially change,” senior at San Pasqual High School Carolina Lopez said.

The pro-life vs pro-choice debate has been a big part of the news lately, as new laws are being passed in different states supporting either side. This creates an uncomfortable situation for mothers to be who are unsure of where they stand on the argument and what they want to do with their pregnancy.

“There’s a lot of discrepancy on what it means to be alive or to be living,” Lopez said. “There’s a lot of debates on if it’s considered murdering.”

A new law was passed a few weeks ago in New York that legalized late term abortion. This would mean that a pregnancy could be terminated passed the usual 20 week limitation. According to WhatToExpect.com, by 28 weeks a fetus has brainwave activity features sleep cycles, including REM.

“From when I did research on abortion, it has to be done before a certain week period or else it could hurt the uterus itself,” Lopez said. “I don’t agree with it because I feel like at one point in the pregnancy is unsafe for the mom and the babies are more developed.”

Abortion is readily accessible to teenagers in the state of California via Planned Parenthood. While this organization can be very helpful and gives girls opportunities they would otherwise not have, like birth control and STI tests amongst other things, many believe that they do not give girls enough information about what their choices would look like for their future.

“In high school, there’s a lot about being smart with your decisions and not doing something you’ll regret, because abortion is something a lot of teens think about,” Lopez said. “I just remind my friends to be smart and (that) there are birth controls that could prevent abortion from even being an option.”

Whether it’s high school or adulthood pregnancy, it is not something to take lightly. It is a life that is being formed inside someone, and should not be thought of as an inconvenience to the mother and her life, but rather a gift. Pro-life students believe that their peers need to think intentionally with their actions and be careful when choosing what to and not to engage in because those actions can determine the paths their lives will take.