Role Playing Club


Yvonne Lara, Staff Writer

One of the many highlights of San Pasqual High School is its SOAR program, an intricate system made up of activities and clubs available to all students who attend San Pasqual. Amongst the variety is the Role Playing club, run and coordinated by San Pasqual High School English teacher, Jennifer Rasmussen.  

The club itself is heavily based on the 1970s classic, Dungeons and Dragons. Often referred to as D&D, Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game that has gained mass popularity throughout the years in which players create their own characters and follow through an intricate story consisting of treasure quests, battles with dangerous rivals, courageous rescues, or whatever the person’s imagination can conjure up.

“2-3 hours every Wednesday, [students] have different campaigns, aka stories, going on and it can take weeks to finish or sometimes they can be finished within a day which are campaigns we like to call one shots” Rasmussen said.

As head coordinator, Rasmussen works a lot of the behind the scene aspects of the club and is passionate enough about it to even get help from outside connections like, Gaming on Grand, a local Escondido business/storefront, where she received help from the owners to really bring the club to life at San Pasqual High School and make it worth while for its members.

Originally started three years ago, the Role Playing club was co-founded by San Pasqual High School senior, Alexander Fuentes, and a close friend to help expand connections with students who typically wouldn’t participate in other school activities. Outside of being just a game, D&D has provided San Pasqual High School students with an array of different skill sets that range from strategical ingenuity to working well with others.

As someone who’s been alongside students from the very start, Rasmussen has seen just how positively impactful the club has been for students.

“Students who may not always feel as comfortable in a regular classroom to express themselves around other kids really do see this [club] as a safe space. My hope is that this club gives an opportunity to students to understand that the school is here for them and that they can learn to be comfortable in any kind of situation,” Rasmussen said.

Alexander Fuentes, a senior at San Pasqual High School, has been playing D&D for about 6-7 years and states that the club has given him new insight on how to be a better leader and not only has he seen growth within himself because of the club, he has seen how it has helped the lives of students who joined the club.

“It’s shown me how to be responsible, not just for myself but for others as well. It’s taught me a new-found patience . [The club] teaches kids how to better work together with others and how to add and improve to each others weaknesses and strengths.” Fuentes added.

“Anyone who wants to join, anyone who is curious… this club really is open and welcome to anyone,” Fuentes said.

The role-playing club at San Pasqual High School meets every Wednesday from 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm in room 310. Students who join the club can expect their creative outlets to be used to help immerse themselves in the D&D culture.