New Laws Going Into Effect in 2019

Dominique Domville, Staff Writer

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Hundreds of new California state laws went into effect on January 1, 2019 including  gun laws, minimum wage increase, sidewalk, vendors, liability protection, temporary license plate and smog checks.

“Auto dealers are now required to place a temporary license on newly purchased vehicles,” California DMV said.  Auto dealers are now issue to temporary paper license when new cars are purchased, rather than current dealer logos, to ensure all drivers pay tolls. Smog checks have also changed by raising the vehicle age  requirements to get a smog check from 6 to 8 years old, but requires a $25 smog abatement fee for 7-and 8- year old vehicles. This is affecting people because, according to various sources, smog checks are expensive and you are now required to get one once every two years.

“California is preparing to have new laws put in place. On January 1st, changes regarding the workplace, guns, policing and more go into effect,” KTVU said.

Long gun restrictions make it so that young people under 21 are not allowed to use a rifle or a shotgun unless in the military or in possession of a valid license that hasn’t expired yet.

The Golden State has now also raised the minimum wage from $18 to 21.

Another surprising law going into 2019 is that California pet stores are no longer allowed to sell dogs, cats or rabbits unless they came from a animal shelter or some kind of rescue group. Now, the store operator is required to provide some type of record for of origin for the pets; otherwise, they will have to face $500 penalty per animal, according to the New York Times.

Finally,  DUI prevention laws also went into effect on January 1,2019, requiring convicted drunk drivers to install a breathalyzer device to their vehicle. The ignition interlock device connects to a breathalyzer and will prevent a car from starting unless the driver is sober.