Best Movie Of 2018? I Think So

Taylor Banister, Editor of Sports

From all the great types of movies that were brought to us this 2018 year and more to come in 2019, this year bought us one of the best movies that many films weren’t able to compete against.

A Star Is Born can really bring two people together as it shows the romance including drama  actor Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga show throughout the film

Cooper plays as Jackson Maine while Gaga is Ally, a young woman trying to build her future up and start her dream singing career.

Gaga does an excellent job showing the emotions and love she has for Cooper and brings out intense moments with her usage of attitude.

The film also brings out a lot for viewers too pay attention too as it brings out alcoholism and drug abuse that Maine puts on himself for the most of the movie.

With the music brought out by the characters, Cooper debuts his first time singing in his career and shows it along Gaga’s side.

Gaga describes her time with Cooper by saying how shocked she was too hear his voice for the film as it took 18 months for Cooper to sing like he does.

This movie is one of the best drama love stories for viewers to see because of the big messages it presents.

A Star Is Born brings out the message for lovers to come together but also not let addiction sink into one’s head or it may lead to something tragic that one may never forget.