ASB Backwards Dance

Sara Pickering, Staff Writer

ASB has been working in the backwards dance since October. Backwards is a dance were typically girls ask boys hence the name “backwards.” Students in ASB stay after school for hours each day to plan for events that are months away in order to make San Pasqual a more positive and inviting place. ASB is very committed to making school dances a fun experiences for everyone.

“We start planning for the backwards dance early so it takes the stress and pressure off the ASB class, we usually take 4-5 months of planning for the dance. ASB starts setting up for the dances the night before for sometimes two days before if it requires it,” ASB student Steven Lacuata said.

ASB puts months into planning the Backwards Dance; in fact, they start coming up with ideas for backwards in October. ASB also raises thousands of dollars to pay for the expenses of the dance, and most of the money going towards Backwards comes from the profit from Homecoming.

“We usually have the theme for the Backwards Dance finalized towards the end of October. We start off with talking about different ideas and narrow it down to just a few then the dance committee finalizes it,” ASB student Olivia Cappellitti said. Although ASB has to keep the theme a secret, it is very impressive that the entire class can keep it a secret for months, showing how dedicated they are to making the dance a fun and memorable time.

ASB is on top of the dances so that it doesn’t all piled on top of them the last few weeks before having to set up, demonstrating the qualities of hard work, dedication, teamwork and time management. Students at San Pasqual rely not only on ASB to provide a good time at dances but also to set an example of their extraordinary abilities to actively plan large events in advance.