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Dominique Domville is in 12th grade. Her favorite hobbies are swimming going to the gym and tap dancing once a week. She also loves to cook and clean and shop with her friends and practice driving on a daily basis. Her goal is to have a license before she graduates so she can drive herself to places and not rely on other people. Most of Dominique’s friends would describe her as funny, warm and a great listener. Her favorite author is Stephen King because he writes scary books such as The Shining, IT and Misery. Dominique’s favorite scary movie is The Shining because it's realistic it's something that could happen in real life. She didn't get into scary movies until she was a teenager. Dominique has made the honor roll twice in high school because of her 3.00 Gpa. She has a pet Chihuahua at home, Dominique always preferred dogs over cats because they pay more attention to you and are fun to play with.  

Dominique Domville, staff writer

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