Tennis Looks to Finish Season Strong

San Pasqual High School's varsity girls tennis team is on a roll and poised for a playoff run.

Kiara Bowman and Alexis Quiroz

San Pasqual High School’s girls varsity tennis season has the end approaching fast.

The girls tennis team has had an exhilarating season with head coach Ron Peet. Two varsity senior tennis players, Karen Nguyen and Delaney Esselman, both agreed that they felt strong during their season of playing.

“I feel pretty confident; I kind of just try to play smart,” Nguyen said.

Although she claims she doesn’t have much technique, she does believe that she can improve.

“I think there’s a lot of room for improvement,” Nguyen said. “I feel pretty comfortable with how I play.”

As to how much experience she has with playing tennis, she confessed that she actually never took lessons before. However, she did admit to playing tennis with her cousins during her childhood. To amp up her experience, Nguyen has been playing girls tennis since her freshman year at San Pasqual.

Despite most tennis matches being single, the team still supports one another.

“Whenever we’re not playing, the coach encourages us to watch someone else’s game. When they make a good point, we always cheer for each other,” Nguyen said.

They are very pleased with how well the team has been competing this year.

“We’re undefeated,” Esselman said.

When questioned about how she’s improved, she jokes that she’s been winning more. Esselman is mostly looking forward to having fun and winning games for her team this season.

With varsity tennis being more competitive, the team still knows how to unite its players, especially when it comes to practice. Esselman and Nguyen routinely join each other to warm up before matches.

Although the girls varsity tennis season is coming to an end, both girls seemed confident about how the tennis team has performed this year.