Foreign Exchange Students Come to San Pasqual

Shelby Sanchez, Staff Writer

This September, San Pasqual High School welcomed special guests from foreign countries.

Coming from countries as far as China to Switzerland, foreign exchange students had the opportunity to experience school on campus for 2 weeks.

Luca Manna is a 16-year-old student who moved to California from Switzerland and is staying at San Pasqual the entire school year with a host family. Manna’s tremendous change from Switzerland to America is just “like a movie.” 

Manna explains that school back home and school at San Pasqual are quite different. At home, students are not allowed to choose their own classes, so everyone takes the same classes. 

“The school is one of the biggest changes, and the weather,” Manna said.

Sports is another change for Manna as well. In Switzerland, students don’t have their own sports team. Instead, they take a class where they do any sport of their liking, called a “club.”

“[Playing for] the football team [is his favorite] because it’s like a family,” Manna said. 

Manna is also looking forward to trying out for soccer, tennis, and having an overall good year at San Pasqual.