SuperNURDs President Prepares to Graduate

Allie Neese, Staff Writer

Jessica Kamman, a senior on San Pasqual High School’s robotics team, is currently in her last season on the team.

After four years on the SuperNurds, Jessica Kamman has put in an extraordinary amount of effort and countless hours, earning her the titles of team president, software lead, and technician, as well as earning her the prestigious FIRST Dean’s List Finalist award, named after the co-founder of FIRST Robotics.

“This opportunity has meant so much to me, with college applications, and everything,” Kamman said. “It’s been a huge help, and not only that, it has taught me so much about leadership and commitment, and everything like that.”

Jessica Kamman became the SuperNURDs president and technician during her junior year on the team, and became the software lead a year before that when she was only a sophomore.

“It [being my last year on the team] is very nostalgic, looking back on all of the years that I’ve been here, and all of the time that I’ve spent here… The team is like a family, and it’s gonna be really weird to leave,” Kamman said.

After spending four years on the SuperNURDs, Jessica Kamman is sad to leave her team, who she refers to as her family.

“I see a bright future for the SuperNURDs, [because] the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on the team are doing a really great job, and I am completely confident that they will be very successful,” Kamman said.

Jessica Kamman is an important member of the SuperNURDs, taking up multiple leadership roles, but she knows that the students on the SuperNURDs are smart and capable, and is confident that the team will continue to thrive.

“The team is sad to see Jessie leave, but we’re excited to see all of the things she will accomplish in  the future,” said junior Eli Uva.

Though the SuperNURDs are excited for Jessica Kamman, and know that she will accomplish great things in life post-high school, they are sad to see her leave, and wish her the best in college and other future endeavors.