Entertainment: Conspiracy Theories


Shane Henton, Staff Writer

Do you buy into conspiracy theories? Whether you love them or hate them, believe them or not… everyone can agree that they are entertaining to read! Here are a few collected by staff writer Shane Henton:

Paul McCartney is dead:

  • This conspiracy theory states that the famous Beatles Singer, Paul McCartney, is dead and has been since he died in a car accident in early 1967.
  • It is said that The Beatles were worried about how it would affect their success, so they replaced him with a lookalike and soundalike.
  • However, after a while, The Beatles are said to have started feeling bad, so they started leaving hints in their songs, sometimes when they were played backwards or in their album covers, that alluded to the fact that Paul was indeed dead. Some examples are Paul not having shoes in the Abbey Road album cover or the words “I buried Paul” being spoken in Strawberry Fields Forever played backwards.
  • People also point out slight changes in Paul’s features after he “died.” 

Government is hiding cure for cancer and other diseases:

  • In the 70s, the Medical College of Virginia researched marijuana’s anti-cancer effects, and found that it slows the growth of lung cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia, and can prolong lives by 36% of the original time. However, soon after, the government ended the experiment and never have publicized the results or funded another study.
  • It is a well known fact that the government makes millions of dollars off of the pharmaceutical companies. According to https://www.businessinsider.com, the federal agency made $7.67 billion off of the pharmaceutical companies from 1992 to 2016.
  • The way that the pharma companies make most of their money is through selling medicine, a lot of medicine that has been proved not to work in the long term.
  • What if the government is hiding cures for lethal diseases, such as cancer or AIDS, so they can continue to make money off of prescribed pills?

Denver Airport is a ground for New World Order:

There are many weird aspects of the Denver International Airport.

Let me start from the beginning. The airport was privately funded, and no one ever found out who funded it. The airport itself was 2 billion dollars over budget, and the opening of it was delayed 16 months past its original goal for completion. Many believe this is because there is a giant bunker under the airport which contains the world’s largest network of tunnels. It is confirmed that there is some kind of bunker or network of tunnels under the airport, however no one knows what they are used for. Another suspicious fact is that there are many locked security doors inside the airport that no one knows what’s behind them. Many believe that they lead to the bunkers/tunnels. Some people think that the bunker may be used in case there’s ever a nuclear war or a geographical disaster. One piece of evidence to support this points to the time when President Obama was moved to Denver in 2011 when it was thought that a comet would hit Earth. It would’ve been very easy to move him into the bunker in the worst case scenario.

Other people believe that the bunker may be used as a bunker for the NWO as a takeover method. This is far fetched, however some clues point to the fact that this might be true. If you look around the airport, there are countless weird paintings and somewhat demonic types of artwork. Also if you look out on the runway, you will see a statue of a 30 foot demonic looking horse with red eyes. Even more interesting, the horse is nicknamed “Blucifer.” Many people think that Blucifer represents the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, which represents death.

If you continue and look around the airport, specifically on the fifth floor, you will see some very strange murals that some people believe depict a New World Order takeover. This first mural shows a large green soldier wearing a gas mask and wreaking havoc in his wake. This mural could depict a world apocalypse or some kind of takeover. The second mural shows a large burning forest with children crying over 3 big coffins. However, the third mural takes a more happy turn. It shows the end of the war, and all the children of the world turning in their flags, representing the dissolving of the world’s nations. The soldier that was shown in the first mural is now seen dead, and peace has finally arrived. The final mural is said to be symbolic of the Garden of Eden, while all the children of the world are happy and all the animals have been revived. Overall, these murals tells the story of the end of bad times, and a “new beginning” with a “perfect society.” This is very similar to what the New World Order is supposed to represent.

Whether the airport is a safe haven or a bunker for the NWO, there is definitely something weird with the Denver International Airport. If you want a full explanation, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUKHMGDe6-w.